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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Increase Pagerank Through Automatic Backlink Builder Part 2

Free Twitter Widgets Download @ Join the widget revolution now before is too late… These days everyone knows how to get backlinks. Website owners are outsourcing the link building process for a very lower cost. But if you are an online marketer, you need to think and act differently. In this article, I am going to explain 3 untapped backlinking strategies. 1. High profile content syndication: Make a list of authority blogs in your niche. Create a unique peace of article and approach them to publish in their blog with a link back to your site in the resource box. If you lack the qualities of writing a good article, hire a ghost writer to do the job for you. Similarly, you can publish unique content or upload videos in ning communities and other such networking sites. The best way to to find the best sites and directories to publish your content is by tracking established authors in your niche and get your content on the same sites. 2. Backlinks from testimonials: Provide testimonials to products and services of recognized marketers in your niche. While allowing a testimonial, they will allow you to embed a link back to your site. 3. Tutorial sites: The best thing about tutorial sites is that while submitting a tutorial you can provide a link to your site and redirect the readers to your site. It is quite easy to post a tutorial. Firstly find a list of tutorial sites in your niche and register an account in these sites. After creating an account, submit a

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  1. visitcheshire

    Hi Bob thanks for your video. Just a question. I was under the impression that Xanga and Tumblr are nofollow links which means that setting up links on those blog platforms has no seo value. What’s your view?

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