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Jonathan asked:

I’m interested in adding features similar to the free E-Junkie shopping cart to my site so that the totals can then be reported to Paypal for checkout. I will use the E-Junkie cart if there are no other free alternatives that I like better.

I’ve tried out database-driven carts like Zen Cart, but they’re entirely too much bulk for what I’m hoping to achieve.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.
The free E-Junkie car that I am referring to:

Boise Internet Businesses

1 thought on “Any light-weight website shopping carts similar to the free version of the E-Junkie cart?

  1. I’d just have to say that go with E-junkie. You can sell your products anywhere , Google base, Craigslist, Blogger, MySpace, even forums, anything with HTML access you can paste in the code. I don’t think there is any other shopping that could do that.

    With E-junkie, you get inventory management, discount management, shipping, packaging, and tax calculation. You can also customize your thank you page and e-mail. The shopping cart supports PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize. Net.

    Also, unlike any other shopping mall style sites, E-junkie does not charge transaction fee or percentage of sale. All you have to pay is flat monthly subscription fee, which is cheap as well.

    There is no limit on the number of transactions and no bandwidth fee, simply means that it does not matter whether you make 1 sale or 10000 sale, E-junkie will not charge you a penny more except the monthly subscription fee.

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