Church Website Design: A step by step approach

Website development is by no means difficult or there wouldn’t be so many websites available, but for the church minister or webmaster who is trying to develop a church website there is the question of where to begin. For those who already have a website there is the question of what can be done to make it better. Timothy Fish provides a path through the maze of web technology. By following this path a church can have a website that is functional, inexpensive and easy to maintain. There are

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3 thoughts on “Church Website Design: A step by step approach Reviews

  1. Thomas Bradshaw says:

    Review by Thomas Bradshaw for Church Website Design: A step by step approach
    As with any project, planning is essential before typing the first keystroke. In the first four chapters, Mr. Fish takes you through an essential process of designing a church website, who the intended audience is, and what elements are useful to someone visiting the site. At the end of chapter 4, you should have a good design on paper including a well thought-out mission statement. This information alone is enough to justify the cost of the book.

    The next section delves into actual HTML code with appropriate examples and exercises. Later on, Mr. Fish discusses dynamic content using ASP (nothing wrong with that) hooked up to a Access database. Although the examples use Microsoft technology, the concepts are the same for any scripting/database combination.

    Finally, Mr. Fish gives advice for ongoing maintenance to the site, including training other people, handling special requests such as streaming audio, large photos, etc. This is where the “real” work begins.

    It is clear Timothy Fish has thought about Church Website Design. In his book, he states that a reasonable website can be made for as little as $100 per year. With his recommendations, I believe this to be true.

    A good reference to have around.

  2. Review by D. Mann for Church Website Design: A step by step approach
    This book actually looks beyond setting up the site and shows you how to design for simple maintenance. I am not a professional but looking to help my church reach the community. I was able to get a website off the ground and get a good start at filling in the content by what I learned from this book.

  3. Michael D. Richardson says:

    Review by Michael D. Richardson for Church Website Design: A step by step approach
    This book does a good job of getting the reader some solid ideas on creating a web site for that person’s church. It provides some solid advice on what works. This is a particularly good book if the church does not already have a web site and just wants to get on the web for the first time

    On the downside, it doesn’t really go beyond the basics. If you are looking to enhance the web site, it won’t help you that much. There are some good tips for any web site, but it is still designed for web 1.0

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