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Hi, Im in the process of launching a website that allows members of the public to buy tickets on Private Jets instead of travelling on the airlines, for a similar fare and was wondering if anyone might know of any good promotions bulletin boards or websites to help promote thanks for any help.


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3 thoughts on “Do you know of any good website promotion sites?

  1. Hi, I have visited your site. Nice effort but you can still make it better as I am a website developer I wish such a site should catch the visitor’s interest at a glance.

    Anyways, you can start by free-listing in some travelling portals ad also look for any good banner exchange which would help you I think.

    Best wishes!

  2. VFlyer

    Here are the largest sites online to place free classified advertising.
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    Here’s a forum directory.

    Free traffic exchanges.

  3. Just find forums that are related to your product. You need to find your ideal audience and tell them about it. Don’t make it seem “In your face” advertising, just go easy.

    Good Luck

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