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Flickr SEO – Optimizing Your Flickr Photo Gallery

Tips to optimizing your Flickr Account. SEO & link building with your Flickr photo gallery. Titles,metas (tags), profiles, description, etc. Enjoy. Please Comment!


  1. werewret

    Asian women and success your life

  2. TheMrBlinx

    I just spent considerable amount of time today, as well as time a while back, trying to understand the REAMS and REAMS of details involved, and I’ve come to this conclusion: flickr is to big and overly complex to (have to) waste SO much time trying to use, that it’s just not worth it. They’ve got this HUGE staff, but you can’t e-mail any of them, in spite of their “e-mail” page sending you to forums. I can’t even find how many items I can upload in a day/week/month (whatever). I give up.

  3. websiteoptimization

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  4. letmrun

    Thanks James. Very helpful.

  5. StangoDango

    Thanks for the info James. What is an SEO?

  6. Tibbon

    How do they steal your money? This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ve never seen any accounts deleted.

  7. Amartyasdc

    I really liked your channel and this video. If you need any help getting this video exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    I like what i watched.

  8. ToseMacedonia

    ThX Man, it was helpful!

  9. ACMEphotography

    Good basic tutorial, although keep in mind that links in your Description or links in comments on photos have “no follow” code in them… It wasn’t always this way, and flickr is still good for SEO, just FYI. Also dropping lame comments just to link is dumb imo.
    ~AcmePhoto (on twitter and flickr)

  10. PartTimePhotography

    Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

  11. mickyxital


  12. waynemckinny

    flickr is a fruad they steal your money then delete your account

  13. cindy1875

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

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