www.SERoundtable.com – I missed last week’s recap, so I covered two weeks in this single recap. Also note, I am offline the next two Fridays, so I will not be producing a video recap for a couple weeks. That being said, this week I covered the Google Instant news, including my NBC appearance. Bing reached new heights, reaching the number two position above Yahoo, below Google as a search engine. Google made a small PageRank update. I released the Google webmaster report for September 2001. Google released new attributes for multi-lingual sites. I published eight new polls. Google’s advertiser spend was revealed by a leaked internal Google memo. Google brings back the affiliate network. Twitter completely redesigned, it is neat. Bing is revamping their webmaster communications, I believe. I am accepting speaker pitches for SphinnCon Israel now. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Instant: Predictions Were Right : www.seroundtable.com Google Logo Colors Letters As You Type : www.seroundtable.com Google Balls Logo : www.seroundtable.com What Is Missing In Google Instant Search? : www.seroundtable.com Google To Fix Lesbians & Explains Why Instant Results Are Omitted : www.seroundtable.com Bing Now #2 Search Engine, They Didn’t Even Have To Take Over Yahoo : www.seroundtable.com Some Reports of September 2010 Google PageRank Update : www.seroundtable.com September 2010 Google Webmaster Report : www.seroundtable.com Google Offers Rel=Alternate Tag

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