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How difficult is it to be successful at web design & development?

I’m a middle school teacher who would like to make a career change. I’m very attracted to web design & development, but have heard that the market is now flooded with web designers. I also read that they don’t make much money. How difficult is it to get a job in this field and how much money can you make? What kind of education would I need? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Kultida says:

    i dont think that i was that hard if u really want to get one
    jus tryyy

  2. Ndd says:

    I think in order to be successful you don’t need how fancy or cool a site you can create. its the usefulness , ease of use and innovation that’s matter.

  3. The Awaken says:

    It is not difficult to get a job in the web development industry since there are more job than people to fill them!

    You can make anywhere from $30000 to $100000 to even millions if you make your own profitable sites. Just go to monster and search “Web”.

    A BS degree in Computer Science or a similar aspect like web design/development would be useful for getting a job.

    NCSA gives certifications and training programs that will certainly help: http://www.ncsacademy.com/?ref=3043

    To learn web programming languages:

    As for design… that’s the hard one. It takes a lot of artistic skill to design a web page. Courses and classes will help, but an inner click is the best. Look around on Amazon for more books on design:

  4. Stephen says:

    Hi ~pip~

    Why dont you try and see what you can get out of the free editor by the name of Komposer.

    It is a WYSIWYG editor and is quite easy to use.

    I hope that this helps with your project,



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