Question by Lobster Dinosaur: How do we move travel pillows?
Say if I had 1,000 or so little travel pillows… just for instance… What is a good way to sell them, and what price do you suggest? -No, I didn’t steal them!

Also, why in the @# is “Search Engine Optimization” my only option available to classify this question under “Advertising and Marketing?”

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Answer by seantherunner
How on earth did you end up with so many pillows?

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2 thoughts on “How do we move travel pillows?

  1. There so many ways to promote a product. SEO is great. However, you can do PPC, banner advertising, print advertising, email marketing and so on. You need to see what sites people visit that would be interested in your pillows. Travelers? Well, the hit sites that travelers go to. Buy banners or text ads.

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