I planned to do web design projects at my own. I need to interact with the customer & need to collect requirements from them and I will design web pages for them. Please help me to make it well.

1 thought on “How to collect web design requirements from customer?

  1. Akira Matsushima says:

    The most effective way to obtain the requirements is through interviews. Make an appointment with you customer and ask them what they want on their website. Prepare the questions well in advance.
    Type of questions:

    1. Functional Requirements
    – This basically tells you what the website should do and how does it functions.
    – Example: What the website do? What is it for? What function should be there?

    2. Non-Functional Requirements
    – This is not about the functionality of the website rather than it relates to how should the website looks and anything that is not in the functional side.
    – This requirements if it is not done the website will still function perfectly as it was intended to.
    – Example: Whats the website layout? Whats the color theme? What is the tolerable amount of time for the website to response to a request.

    These are some basic yet the most important requirements you need to know.
    You can always search at Yahoo! and Google for a more detailed design/software/ website requirement document sample and template.

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