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need to add shopping cart.and start business.
microsoftlive basic account does not support adding a shopping cart .may need to transfer as idont want to upgrade with microsoft?can you pleas suggest what to do to get my online shop running and build a reliable cheap website for my online retail

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1 thought on “I have a free domain /hosting with Microsoft live need to build a retail website with shopping cart?

  1. I have a Microsoft live website too but I never use it.

    Go to they have better templates etc. and they’re free also. Check out two of my sites I made.

    My domain names I got from and they are super cheap. What I did was buy the forwarding and forward them to the free sites.

    It doesn’t have a shopping cart but you can create pay pal buttons for your items. On my Executive Decisions Site click on Products and Services click one of my pay pal links and you’ll see it takes you right to pay pal. I’m in the process of adding the Shopping Car button to my site. Freewebs has everything you need.

    Good Luck

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