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prideakayoungpr asked:

is there a website that gives you free promotion besides myspace?

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3 thoughts on “is there a website that gives you free promotion besides myspace?

  1. If you’re wiling to write an article concerning whatever it is you’re trying to promote, then you can use sites like,, in order to piggyback of their high ‘authority status’ within the search engines to gain more exposure for whatever product/service it is you’re trying to promote.’

  2. Some of the ways you can advertise your website and increase traffic are:
    1. Post an article about your website on related blogs and get free back links
    2. Submitting to directories
    3. Free classifieds
    4. Forums

    Send an email with a description of your website to for a list of websites for free advertising and to get free one way backlinks

  3. Step 1: Make sure you have plenty, high quality (means interesting for your visitors), unique (written yourself, not copied) content on your blog
    Step 2: Write a few articles about your interior design, and post them on article directories such as and such. This will create links towards your blog
    Step 3: Write articles that answer peoples questions about the topic here on answers. Then answer their questions here in answers.
    Step 4: Submit your website to directories such as and plenty of others
    Step 5: Find other blogs about the same topic, and comment on their articles, make sure your comment adds something usefull, not just saying something like “great blog”. Put a link to your blog in your comment.
    Step 6: submit your blog to sites like and and get a good community of friends there.
    Step 7: Go to and read all the articles there about SEO and such.

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