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  1. eautocad

    Good comments everyone, I appreciate the ratings too!

  2. eautocad

    Technically, it starts working immediately upon submitting your URL to our directory. Instant doesn’t do justice. 🙂 I’m glad your happy!

  3. SmartMarketingMan

    I started link building using this method, and I’m already seeing a traffic increase. Less than 24 hours later this method has sent 43 real customers to my site making 8 conversions. Not bad for the first 24 hours!

  4. eautocad

    We crawl regularly for new links so check back often. There’s also 30,000 links that are local by USA state so you can find doctors, lawyers, shopping, etc. Enjoy!

  5. eautocad

    It is free because it needs to be free. If it wasn’t free, there would be no point. The source needed to be open to let people try to make money online because of the depressed economy in the united states. People are out of jobs, and this makes it a little bit easier for them to get ahead. That’s why it is free.

  6. eautocad

    Great 🙂

  7. Marketer4Benz

    I have a question. Why is it free to use your marketing services and completely open online? This service should be restricted to members and require payment per month. You should really consider charging members for using your information. I’m not complaining, just suggesting.

  8. ultimateSEO

    I went to your website in the description, and downloaded the widgets to my website. Within one hour of uploading it, I immediately saw an increase in return visitor rates! I could be coincidence but i doubt it. Thanks for another great free marketing tool. SHOCKED!

  9. eautocad

    Thank you for the compliments! If there’s anything I can help you with I’ll gladly do so.

  10. SmartMarketingMan

    Yeah me either, I was shocked…

  11. Marketer4Benz

    I agree it’s good, i haven’t seen anything this good since sliced bread. I was going to sleep tonight, but I think I’ll stay up all night making money instead. Thanks!

  12. SmartMarketingMan

    I like this tool because now I don’t have to spend weeks hunting for sites. Thanks!

  13. ultimateSEO

    great RSS tool, I still can’t believe it’s free and offers 4,000 blogs and 2,000 link building websites. Amazing!


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