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SEO Lessons – Lesson 7 – Article Marketing

This lessons covers how to use articles to get quality one way links to your website. Visit for my free link building guide and check out the blog for all of these lessons.


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  4. TeeFlick

    I don’t like your video for some reason. (useful info tho)

  5. HomeBasedBusinessPLR

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  6. wwwSEOWritersNet

    I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ve written 1000s of articles and write others’ articles. Ideally, long-tail phrases are easier and you can simultaneously get ranked for the shorter phrase or word, which is a smaller part of the long-tail phrase.

  7. PurpleWhirple

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  8. PurpleWhirple

    Thank you, good relevant stuff. I’ll be watching a few more of yours.

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    thanks man you’ve made a really helpful video here, it’s a shame it’s not more popular

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