The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

“Rebecca’s book is chapter-by-chapter gold for anyone who needs to understand how we find information on the Web.” Kevin M. Ryan, Motivity Marketing, Inc., and Chairman of Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board   In this book, leading search optimization expert Rebecca Lieb brings together more than 50 absolutely crucial facts and insights decision-makers must know to drive more web traffic through better search engine placement. The Truth About Search Engine Optimization doesn’t deli

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Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing

A visual approach to the power of SEO marketing from a world-renowned Internet marketing expert Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-growing and powerful form of online marketing that allows business to grow in a faster, more cost-effective way by increasing traffic and visibility to a Web site. This updated resource remains the only book of its kind to take a visual approach to the essential component of maximizing the effective marketing strategies that SEO provides. Packe

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10 thoughts on “The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

  1. Review by Johnny Fan for The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
    “The Truth About Search Engine Optimization” is both technically accurate and implementable – the perfect storm for any Marketing Communications professional.

    I’ve studied SEM extensively, and have been active in it for a few years. This book has taught me many things, and affirmed others. In fact, I plan to purchase several more copies and use it as a “text” in a class I am designing for my bloggers (product managers and marketers). The bite-sized and actionable chapters make total sense, are easily digestible, and are even inspirational – especially for those in my company who need to achieve more on the net but who don’t care to invest tons of time learning all these tools on their own.

    I am confident that this book will be a major influence in the transformation that is about to occur in my SEM program.

  2. JustADesigner says:

    Review by JustADesigner for The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
    As most people searching for SEO books, I was looking for the most up-to-date book possible. Even though this book claims to be 1st printed Feb 2009 the text references outdated “current events.” Refers a few times to the “new” Indiana Jones movie and news about George W. Bush. Also refers to “Macromedia” Flash, but I think that was just a lack of software knowledge.

    Don’t get me wrong I learned a lot… A LOT!, but I question if some of this content is already outdated. Algorithms are always changing.

  3. Review by H. MOORE for The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
    This book was a required textbook for a web/e-commerce class that I was taking. I am active in SEO in my current job as well and the text married both the concepts I was learning in class to the work that I was performing on my work website. Easily understood concepts and great techniques shared throughout the book.

  4. Review by Bookworm for The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
    I’m new to the world of SEO, so I wanted to know a little more about it without getting too confused on all the technical stuff. If you haven’t read any of the “The Truth About” books, then the first thing you should know is that each chapter isn’t very lengthy. Instead, it gets to the heart of the matter without having to go into all the little details. I did enjoy that much about this book.

    The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because doesn’t give you examples to look at when you want to add it to your code. That, however, isn’t enough to make me not like this book. I’m actually looking forward in getting more of these books.

    So, if you want a book that doesn’t get into all the technical terms of SEO, then you should pick this one up. It’s a quick read, but a good read that will help you achieve some good SEO.

  5. Phillip C. Neal says:

    Review by Phillip C. Neal for The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
    Rebecca Leib is easy to read. After reading this book, it has become clear that the hard part of SEO is not understanding what to do, it is taking the time to execute it properly.

    It is refreshing to read a book with succinct chapters on one aspect of SEO. You are not overwhelmed and lost before she drives home the point of the chapter.

    After reading this book, all of the gibberish I had been reading in other SEO texts suddenly made sense. The difference is, I’m not sifting the gibberish to get to the nuggets.

    Nothing I learned in this little book was contraindicated in any other reading I have done thus far, nor was it explained any better.

    I highly recommend this book as a first book on SEO. You can then review other fatter texts for greater detail and more examples. I doubt you will have missed anything important with this approach.

    Phillip C. Neal DDS

  6. Jeremy Harrison says:

    Review by Jeremy Harrison for Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
    As the owner of a web design firm that offers a growing bundle of SEO services, I have spent thousands of dollars staying up-to-date with the latest strategies for search engine optimization.

    But despite the big-name conferences I’ve attended, this $30 book is the best investment I’ve made in SEO.

    The author does a phenomenal job of covering every phase of the process. In fact, I hit Amazon this evening, because I’m buying 4 more copies that will be distributed to every part of my team… 1 for our lead web programmer, 1 for the people doing keyword research, 1 for our copywriter and 1 for the people who focus on link building strategies. There’s stuff in here from which everybody can benefit.

    I also appreciate how it’s organized. If you like text – there’s a section in each chapter with text. If you prefer pictures, the second part of each chapter is chock full of diagrams and images that would allow somebody to learn a lot with minimal reading.

    I highly recommend this book.

  7. Dan Bergevin says:

    Review by Dan Bergevin for Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
    Many SEO books focus on keyword optimization, but this little number is a veritable compendium of techniques. If you applied half of what you’ll find in here, your site would be more optimized than you can even imagine. This covers everything from content to links to blogs to micro-blogs to forums to reviews to directories and communities and ad copy and keyword bidding… whew. No other books comes even close to the variety of options that Kristopher’s book has. You’ll learn more about variations of SEO techniques from this book than any other source. So start here, and if you need to go further in depth on any of the topics, you can branch off into some of the other fine books out there on specific topics like landing page and keyword optimization.

  8. Carsten Cumbrowski says:

    Review by Carsten Cumbrowski for Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
    The book was written by Kristopher B. Jones, CEO of PepperJam. Kris is well known in the industry and considered an authority not only in the search marketing community, but among Internet marketers is general, including affiliate marketers and people in display advertising. I think the title of the book was not well chosen, because it is not only about organic search engine optimization, but about marketing your business and website in general.

    The book covers paid search advertising, affiliate marketing, public relations, web analytics and more, basically everything that is important for a successful online presents. That Kris has experience across the multiple channels of Internet marketing, from his business as fully integrated Internet marketing agency shines through in his book.

    Unique about the book is also how it is designed. It is geared towards the visual folks like myself and uses a tremendous amount of pictures to show things instead of just using words to explain. Virtually every page has a screenshot or illustration and is an integrated part of the book, beyond the simple use as decoration or reinforcement of the written text.

  9. Review by C. Deputy for Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
    I’m a picker and a skimmer. As unsavory as it sounds, it simply means I rarely read a manual from front to back. I skim and a pick out items that are relevant or interesting to me. This book is perfect for that type of person. Concise two-page explainations, then on to the next subject.

    I also purchased the “An Hour a Day” book with this one and I have barely touched the other. The “Hour a Day” book is good for someone with a more linear approach to learning.

    I have a website that was averaging about 20 new visitors a day. I barely registered on Yahoo and Google. After the spiders caught sight of my website, the effect was instant. After two weeks, I am bringing in over 100 a day and I have only applied three of the principles in the book so far. This book paid for itself and much more.

  10. Review by Jim Jansen for Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing
    I read Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing by Kris Jones from cover-to-cover. Go ahead and buy it! It’s really a top-notch book!

    Don’t let the title fool you. The book covers much more than search engine optimization. It’s really a domain spanning book, and one of the first published works that I have seen to integrate search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and affiliate marketing programs (AFP). From nearly any perspective, these three areas of expertise all have one overlapping goal — providing the right content where it will be seen by the right person at the right time. Leveraging support and expertise from Pepperjam, Jones does an excellent job of integrating these three areas into a near seamless package. In this respect, the book is really ground breaking, and a harbinger of things to come in how these areas will be viewed.

    The 296 page book has eleven chapters, an introductory history of SEO, and a nine page index. Each of the eleven chapters has a standard organization that is clear and readable. Each chapter begins with a two page overview, with each of topics that the chapter covers in easy-to-read callout boxes, along with a larger callout box providing information on some unique concept or tool related to the chapter. The remainder of the chapter is divided into sections corresponding to the callout boxes in the two-page chapter introduction. It is a really neat layout that is effective and efficiency for both a complete read and returning to for a reference.

    The eleven chapters are: Getting started with SEO, keyword generation, creating pages, basic Website structure, advanced Website structure, creating content, creating communities, building links, using Google analytics, social media optimization, creating pay-for-click campaigns, optimizing PPC campaigns, optimizing for niche search engines, monetizing traffic, and installing SEP plug-ins.

    As a person active in the areas of SEO and SEM, I was interested in the book’s topics but, honestly, really thought that I wouldn’t learn much that was new to me. I was totally wrong! The chapters are packed with worthwhile information in a `how-to’ format. I learned loads of worthwhile and actionable information.

    In any book that I review, I try to find something that one could improve upon. One suggestion that I would have is a reference list at the end of each chapter pointing to further reading on chapter topics. This would broaden the audience from primarily practitioners to include also educators, trainers, and researchers. However, this is nick picking.

    The book is great!

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