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Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)

Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)

The follow-up to our popular title Web Design: Best Studios, this new installments brings you more examples of the web’s most outstanding design work. Working online means working from every place you can imagine. The coolest design studios from over 28 countries are profiled herein, complete with examples of recent work, contact information, list of awards, and client list. If you are a web designer, marketing manager or your work has anything to do with the web, this book is a must-have refere

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List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 4.75


  1. Max Cunningham

    Review by Max Cunningham for Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)
    While the book is not going to give you any great insight to what makes a site tick, it does exactly what it intends to and that is inspire through lots of screenshots of amazing websites.

    Don’t listen to other reviewers who say that the book is in the wrong language. It’s just written in three languages and sometimes it looks like English is omitted, but it’s still there, probably just on the next page.

    Another complaint by other reviews has been a lack of Flash sites. Well, if you want Flash sites, buy Taschen’s book full of Flash pages. It’s as simple as that.

    Overall this book is a very nice addition to the ICONS series.

  2. Tiago Ritter Santos

    Review by Tiago Ritter Santos for Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)
    Great catalog of the best web studios in the world. Very usefull as a benchmarking guide in webdesign area. Could have more examples of work. But you can check this out in the studio’s websites.

  3. Alana

    Review by Alana for Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)
    As a fan of the Taschen books, I picked this one up when designing out a few sites and seeking inspiration.

    That’s often how I find myself picking up Taschen books- they are great for inspiration! From logos to sites and Japanese prints, Taschen prints quality books to inspire you in what it is that you seek.

    This book, in particular, is helpful if you seek a cornucopia of visual ideas/screen shots for website design at your fingertips. Just keep in mind the back-end programming of each site as you look at them, and your website design goal, target audience, and how the design/campaign/branding will be maintained as it is expanded. There are quite a few really nice, inspirational, elegant designs that are simple in here, and some that are a bit older, but is it worth the $10? Definitely.

  4. A. Amidei

    Review by A. Amidei for Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)
    This is one of the best web site example books I’ve seen in a while. I found many sources of inspiration throughout.

  5. Michael Goldstein

    Review by Michael Goldstein for Web Design: Studios 2 (Icons) (English and German Edition)
    if you’re interested in web 2.0 you will enjoy this book. a great resource packed with lots of web design ideas and executions.

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