1 thought on “what are the typical activities that get covered as part of website maintenance?

  1. site maintenance can include:

    Updating page content and site map.

    Checking and updating links to keep the site away from Broken links.

    Verifying the site is up and running, and getting the site back up if it’s down.

    Minor word/sentence changes/corrections.

    Checking search engines to ranking and making minor SEO adjustments as needed.

    Adding/changing/deleting email addresses.

    Correcting broken scripts.

    Keep an eye on stats.

    Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc.)

    Retaining a full backup copy of the web site

    Communication with third-party service providers (credit card processor, hosting company, information suppliers).

    Log file analysis and visitor/site statistics reports

    Creating FAQs and searchable knowledge bases.

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