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Lisa asked:

Are they hard to implement into a website?


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4 thoughts on “What important features should I look for in a website shopping cart?

  1. sturdy virtual wheels
    a safe place to store your virtual purse
    virtual locking wheels so it can’t be taken from the store and thrown in the nearest virtual river

  2. Simple is good.

    You must have a webhosting service that provides the secure server.

    The shopping cart should have a method where you can ADD various forms of payment. That is, the payment center that you are going to hire… or even a manual credit card system; where you retrieve the credit card information, and KEY it into your credit card machine manually. You see, when you first launch your website, you might not get that many sales. So if you get a shopping cart that does not start to cost you a TON of money, then use the manual method. When volume increases, then BUY into the automatic credit card system.

    Agora is one such set of scripts that work good. Check them out at or look for this in the scripts that come pre-loaded by your webhosting service.

    Of course, this is just a starting point. Eventually, you want to provide customers to LOOK back at their buying; with the option to BUY those same items again. You never know, Lightning might strike twice. (return customers are THE BEST).

    Good luck and Happy Computing!

  3. Integrated into a payment gateway, and supported by them (not some other third party). If you are serious, you will need to accept credit cards (and not via paypal), and will need for it all to fit together.

    Find a provider who will support you.

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