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What is a good name for a web site about learning web design?

Hi, I’m learning web design and to learn it I’m creating a web site that I will hopefully publish. I have no ideas for a name though so I’m looking for suggestions. All suggestions are welcome thanks for all help.


  1. Autumn1991 =] lol

    I’m 18 and childish, I dunno =P I tried my best.


  2. saso.chicken

    If you’re website is somewhat formal, I;d suggest something like “Webmaster: Web Expertise” or something like that.
    It it’s a friendly, informal-ish site, then I’d recommend something awesome like “Web Bean.” No one can resist a site who’s emblem is a sizzling coffee bean.

  3. Peter D

    Webber Forever
    Webs are Us
    Web Connect……………….or Connecting the Web
    You,Me,& the Web
    just a few quick suggestions

  4. Ben

    The Webster.

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