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tubequest2002 asked:

I am intersted to see what cool or different promotion gimmicks you have seen to get you to visit any website. Example links appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “What is the best website promotion gimmick you have seen used?

  1. Some of the best I’ve seen are all from Hollywood.
    Promoting movies.
    Both viral in nature with people sending people to
    their sites to use their gimmicks.

    Most recent was “Snakes On A Plane”
    It appears they’ve removed the viral tool, but it was this.
    There was a script that you inserted for example your
    wifes name, hobbies, favorite food, etc., etc.

    When you were done, you got a link that you email
    to whomever. When they visited the site they had
    the voice of Samuel L. Jackson yelling at them. It was
    pretty cool. Spread like wildfire too.

    The other was for the David Spade movie, “Joe Dirt”.
    They had a Mullet generator!
    You just uploaded a picture, and picked a mullet to put
    on their head. It was hilarious.

    Again it used the viral effect & received lot’s of word of
    mouth exposure.


  2. says:

    I remember reading that a guy said he would sponsor a website on his forehead for a year. He did this through eBay. It caused a sensation. Radio, TV shows.

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