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vijay a asked:

Is it right to select the keyword which has got high keyword effectiveness index for search engine optimization ?

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5 thoughts on “What is the significance of keyword effectiveness index in search engine optimization ?

  1. See.. you must always select keywords which are most sutiable for the particular content…. on the site

    If your webpage is about Product 1 then most effective keyword to optimize is Product1

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  2. It is important to know your keywords. If you have a product that you sell on your site, ask five friends what they might search for on google/yahoo to find it. Take those different keywords and optimize your page with them.
    Also work on your meta tags. Here is an article on how they work:

  3. Keyword effectiveness index (KEI) relies on the assumption that the best keywords are those that have a lot of searches but not much competition.

    The reason that it does not work is because it takes no account of the quality of the competition. For any given keyword there may well be only a few competitors but they could all be expertly optimized and have thousands of in-bound links.

    KEI is not a good guide but unfortunately that does not stop a lot of people using it and believing that it works!

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