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What’s the best web-design program that I can use to design a website?

I need to learn how to design a web-site. I am planning to start this as a hobby and if all goes well, maybe even start a side job as a web-designer. What type of program should I learn? Is Microsoft FrontPage still good to use or is it no longer up-to-speed with other leading web-designing programs.

What other types of programs are out there that will help me with website design. Do you think Macromedia is a good choice? I know it’s a bit steep in price but I figure if I am to invest the time to learn the ‘difficult’ program, time is money, why be shy on one and not the other.

What about Adobe? Do they have a web-designing software?

Please share your thoughts. I really need the help.


  1. Rodiak

    If you know completely nothing about web design or know only a little then Microsoft FrontPage is a fine start. However for more advanced options you’ll need Adobe Macromedia Dreamweaver and it better be combined with Adobe Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop.

  2. Rizwan Y

    first let me inform you that macromedia has been merged with adobe,
    for designing there are many software available like adobe photoshop, fireworks. but i would recommend macromedia fireworks, best tool for web designing.

  3. Catalin P
  4. Ilya

    Adobe (previously Macromedia) Flash, Dreamweaver if you don’t like writing html, and Photoshop

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