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Where can I find a good web design affiliate program?

I am not good at web design but would still like to offer web design services. Do you know of any companies that offer a commission per sale for a website? I do not want to create a website and have an affiliate link, I would rather go to local businesses and see if they are interested in having a website created for them.

So basically I go to a business, see if they want a website. If they do, somehow I can refer them to a company and make a certain amount per sale.

Do you have any companies in mind?


  1. Test M

    my site

    standard ecommerce website: your cost is $400
    minimum resale value is $475
    minimum commission therefore is $75
    you could easily make over $100 per sale
    you can take screenshots of web samples and show them
    If you have a laptop it can be quite convenient.
    you can also charge $1.50 per product for data entry; entering a product takes maybe 2 minutes
    call for details

  2. Jolly Gardener

    Great question!

    I do a bit of freelancing myself, and actually have referred a few businesses to a local web design firm here in Oregon. They do work nationally, and paid me a 10% finders fee. They’re called Alphabetix. Check them out!

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