10 Twitter Tips for Your Local Business

Tweet this, Tweet that, Tweet What? As a business owner, you already know that being on social media platforms, such as Twitter, is very important to your online presence. It’s obvious that most of your local consumers are spending time on Twitter, which is the 2nd largest social media networking site today – following Facebook.

But oftentimes, business owners are confused about how they should be using Twitter to generate more leads, sales, and profits. When it comes to getting the attention of local consumers, what do you say? Who do you follow? How do you use it to build your business?

If your Twitter efforts have been driving you mad, then these 10 Twitter tips should help you fine-tune your efforts to connect with local consumers:

1. Make Sure Your Profile is Filled Out Completely – Take the time to fill out your profile in full as this will give your followers as much information about your business as possible. Make sure that you have a link back to your business website as well. Use keywords in your profile that are related to what your business is all about and always include a photo. It can be your company logo or a personal photo; just never leave it blank.

2. Create Conversations – Your business Twitter account should have the “feel” of a real live person – vs. a business. Talk to your followers in the first person when communicating with them to give your Tweets that personal touch. It is perfectly acceptable to say ‘I’ or ‘We’. This lets people know that you are real and they will react to that. Use open ended questions and always try and keep the conversations going strong.

3. Answer Your Mentions – When someone mentions you on Twitter, be sure to respond to that mention. Whether someone asks you a direct question or simply makes a positive comment about your company, responding to them can build trust and credibility. By the way, if someone asks you a question, always be prompt in your response.

4. Follow People and Companies Who are Relevant to Your Business – Take the time to search out and find people who are relevant to your business. Follow your colleagues, follow your business contacts, follow journalists who specialize in your field, and even follow your direct competitors. Taking these steps will you’re your business gain more exposure, which could ultimately increase your sales.

5. Run Promotions for Twitter Followers – A great way to turn a follower into a loyal consumer is by offering them an incentive. It could be as simple as an exclusive offer for your Twitter followers that consists of a discount off their next purchase. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with promotions on Twitter.  Give them a reason to follow you.

6. Be Original in Your Tweets- Be creative when it comes to your posts. Never post the same thing over and over as people will quickly stop following you. Make your posts entertaining, informative and useful to keep your audience engaged. It is okay to promote your business on Twitter, but do not do it every single tweet. Make sure your Tweets are professional and work to help you establish authority in your field.

7. Focus on Quality and Quantity – Many business owners struggle with Tweeting because they are not sure how often they should be posting. Should they post every hour? Every day? Once per week? Well, there is no real rule here but most experts will tell you that you should post whenever you have something to say. Daily Tweets are a great idea and some business owners will Tweet a few times a day. It is important to remember that the quality of your posts is much more important than how often you post. Make it worth your time… Think before you Tweet!

8. Choose Who to Follow Wisely – There is an unspoken Twitter etiquette that you should follow everyone who follows you. Is this a good idea? This really depends on the Twitter account that is following you. There are many robotic Twitter accounts and if you follow all of them, will your business look spammy. Also, keep in mind that many Twitter accounts may not be ideal for you to follow, such as adult entertainers and the like. So look at who you are following and make sure their account is a real person, as well as non-offensive.

9. Become Familiar with Hashtags – Simply put, a hashtag is a keyword that can help get your Twitter account found in searches. An example would be: #weddings. So if you are in the wedding industry and you create a post feel free to include the appropriate hashtag so those who are interested in weddings will be more likely to find your profile. This is a great way to open the door to new followers, who are ultimately potential customers.

10. Be Honest, Be Real and Become Credible – Social media is all about building relationships and building the credibility of your business. So be honest and be real. Show your followers you are a real person and you will gain real followers as well. If you make a mistake on one of your posts, admit it. If someone asks you a question and you do not know the answer, admit it. It is better to be honest then to try and fake your way through an answer. The fastest way to lose followers and credibility is to deceive them. Just be you.

Twitter has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With more than 300 million users, there’s no way to ignore this awesome platform. However, many businesses still struggle with using this marketing tool to generate new local customers.

Need some assistance setting up and/or managing your Twitter profile?

I specialize in helping local businesses here in the Boise area connect with local consumers by establishing a strong social media presence. Contact me using our contact form for a free, no obligation consultation!

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