AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques

As a web designer or developer, you know how powerful DOM scripting is for enhancing web pages and applications, adding dynamic functionality and improving the user experience. You’ve got a reasonable understanding of JavaScript and the DOM, but now you want to take your skills further. This book is all you need to do soit shows you how to add essential functionality to your web pages, such as on the fly layout and style changes, interface personalization, maps and search using APIs, visual effe

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5 thoughts on “AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques Reviews

  1. T. Dalmasso says:

    Review by T. Dalmasso for AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques
    UPDATE (3-17-08)

    I bought this book again because the material is definitely good. I’m really bummed Friends Of Ed let it go to press with all these errors though. I mean, come on–I’m finding errors all over the place! That is a great disservice to Sambells. But I’ve decided the material is worth wading through the many, many copy editing oversights. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t get stuck troubleshooting typos in the code that choke my browser. That could easily waste hours of my time.


    I was pretty excited after I dropped the $50 or so to by this book because the contents are right down my alley. Unfortunately, I could hardly make it out of Chapter 1 for all the typos and editorial oversights. Here are a few as an example:

    PG 34 — “myVarialbe” instead of “myVariable”

    PG 35 — “when you retrieving” instead of “when you are retrieving”

    PG 36 — references a function called “initAchors()” that isn’t used in the example code for that example. initAnchors() appears in the next example on the next page.

    PG 37 — number of iterations in loop changes from 3 to 5 from 1st example to 2nd example for no apparent reason – this is confusing and distracts from the point being made.

    PG 37 — Figure 1-7 shows three objects in diagram instead of the 5 needed (one for each loop)

    This is all in just 3 pages!

    This is the part of the book I started reading first so I assume the rest of the book is going to be as poorly edited/ proofread. This surprises me as I own over 5 or 6 titles from the Friend Of Ed series and I don’t recall ever seeing so much as a typo in any of them.

    Overall, I think the book shows promise. But I can’t tolerate errors like this in a programming book. They are difficult enough to read already without having to figure out what the message was “supposed” to be.

    I’m returning this book to the store. When it reaches a later edition I may give it another go. It needs some serious “debuggin” first though.

  2. Richard W. Garganta says:

    Review by Richard W. Garganta for AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques
    The author clearly knows his stuff but I find the book hard to understand. Is it the author or my level of javascript experience? Hard to say. I will say this – you probably want to know javascript very well before getting this book. For those taking learning steps in javascript like myself, this book is far from the next step from Jeremy Keith’s books.

  3. Review by David Betz for AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques
    This is the greatest Modern JavaScript, DOM Scripting, and AJAX book I’ve ever seen. Having done AJAX since 1999 before the buzzword ever became popular, I can say that a book this exhaustive has never been written before now. It covers everything from the JavaScript’s often misunderstood variable scope to the deep interaction with the DOM and everything in between.

    This book is an intermediate to advanced book that requires that you have some understanding of our every day web technologies. If you are a web developer, then you are required to know XHTML and JavaScript anyway. This isn’t just some surace level “how-to” book. This covers the deep internals of AJAX and will make you an expert.

    Feel free to ignore anyone who claims this book contains spelling errors or other things that in no way change the overall structure of the book and that any thinking person can get around. No ant will ever make a sky scraper fall; it’s irrelevant. This isn’t an English book or a book for novices. It’s a practically graduate-level JavaScript/DOM/AJAX book that requires you to be a thinking person to begin with.

  4. Petróczi Balázs says:

    Review by Petróczi Balázs for AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques
    I bought this book when it was first published and have been using it ever since as THE BEST advanced level academic quality learning material and now also as a reference manual! Of course, before you can start learning about advanced issues like object oriented ness and closures you definitely need to work your way through some lower level texts that prepare you for and lay the foundations of these advanced topics! Therefore, I simply don’t understand those who complain about their difficulties when they should only take the book for what it says in its title: an ADVANCED level material!

    If you want to hear my advice the best approach is if you start with some basic level text to learn all you can about controlling structures, functions and data types and such. Then, for me an excellent next choice was learning from “The Javascript Anthology” by sitepoint which takes off from what someone fancifully called an “advanced beginner” level and quite systematically helped me improve my skills to be able to understand the more advanced features of the language.

    Once you have got to this point you will very much appreciate Sambell’s level of professionalism and benefit a lot from holding a specialist book in your hand that could be very well used in a university course!

  5. Carlos Fabuel Cava says:

    Review by Carlos Fabuel Cava for AdvancED DOM Scripting: Dynamic Web Design Techniques
    I was looking for a book with a good information for a web developer. I do not need the book explain every step.

    This book contains various case studies about using apis, photo cropping, file uploads…

    Is a good book for a web developer to improve his dom scripting skills.

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