Best site to create a website for a business??? ANY guidance…please!!!?

Question by boz4425: Best site to create a website for a business??? ANY guidance…please!!!?
I need to find a (cheap) place to get a website for a business I would like to establish. It will be selling my pottery so I need to be able to list items with prices, be able to have customers select them and put in a “shopping cart”, a check out area, enough pages to sort out my itmes (i.e. – candle holders, coffee mugs – that sort of list). Also needs to be able to calculate in shipping costs, have contact info…etc. YOu know what I’m talking about. Where do I go for this???

Also, since I want to design it myself (but have never done that) are there any programs I need? Or are there any sites that have a pagebuilder to help??

Just need to know how to get started.

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Answer by ‘Just smile’
1.Blog setting up –
2.FREE AD sites

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  1. here’s a website i found….

    used by ed hardy, and a lot of other good ones… the website is very helpful with me and as soon as i strt off my clothing line the right way, i’m going to set up my website with volusion 😀 (i sound like an ad)

    i wish u luck and volusion is very easy to learn, and they also have a 14 day trial

    if u dont want to use volusion u can google e-commerce (websites that sell products) websites

  2. Check out OS, it is Open source and therfore free, just requires a little changes to the website and you are all set.

  3. making a website that works can be pretty hard if you don’t have the skill and knowledge especially when you are making it to make money. internet is an open market. if you search at yahoo search engine it says that there are 95 million web pages on the net related to pottery and from all those web pages only the one listed in the top three result pages would usually get noticed by searchers. so you need to build web pages that could attract search traffic for your business to survive for a long period of time. for that reason i highly recommend below resources. it lets you grow your business with full focus without going here and there to find information and tools for your business. it is a full complete package. they now has an offer until 4th of january. so take your time evaluate their package. i have seen a lot of success stories about their program so i’m proud to associate with their product especially when there are so many get rich quick scheme on the net. believe me if you want to work for your success their tools will make you achieve it. so wish you success.

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