Boise State gets bashed for their schedule when nobody wants to play them?

NCAAF Fan asked:

How can people still blame Boise State for their schedule when no major team will play a home and away with them.

No Major team is stupid enough to play Boise State in Boise, why you ask? Boise State is almost impossible to beat at home.

Boise State should be commended for actually getting Oregon to play them this year not bashed because everybody else was afraid of them.

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12 Comments on “Boise State gets bashed for their schedule when nobody wants to play them?

  1. same thing happen to them a couple of years ago they were the only unbeaten team and they played Oklahoma and they beat them. we need a damn playoff system

  2. Because the big team can’t win that game, and I don’t mean on the field. If a USC beats Boise State, they get ridiculed for a weak schedule, and if they lose, it’s even worse.

  3. I agree, unfortunately the system is set up such that an out of conference loss for a BCS team is almost impossible to recover from. They really need to shake the incentives so that non-conference schedule is a bigger factor, then teams like Boise State would actually have a shot at making it to the national championship game.

    BTW if Ohio State gets a BCS bid over Boise State it will be a tragedy.

  4. I think now that BSU is really starting to get some national recognition they will start pulling in some games over the next few years. They are consistently putting a stout team together. You have to remember that the games are scheduled years in advance. I wish BSU the best, and if they can’t get an at-large bid (still possible), I hope to see them play TCU. That would be a great game.

  5. Its not that nobody wants to play them

    Its that there football cominison isnt scheduleing harder teams. I know there would be some good teams that would throw Boise state on there schdule to replace weaker teams.

    No one is affraid of them , their affraid to mess up there perfect schduel adding a harder team, that would put them with a non confrence loss and give them a unperfect season lol

  6. The Big Sixers don’t want to play teams like Boise home and away because they will lose money. Instead they can cut teams like Middle Tennessee state in on a smaller portion of the gate to come get the crap kicked out of them every year.Perhaps Boise should petition to join a better conference. They may be a good team but, their conference takes away from their credibility. If more of their wins in conference came against better competition, they wouldn’t have to worry so much about scheduling “better” schools for non-conference games.

  7. Schedules are made up to 5 – 10 years in advance. Boise State wasn’t a hot property 6 – 10 years ago and why would anyone have to play them.

    Just because they’re Boise State?

    They have good to great teams year in and year out but you just can’t change a schedule overnight to satisfy someone who wants to play.

    Oh yeah. Boise went to Georgia in 2005 and got slapped silly. 48-13 in case some of you forgot.

    Do you really think you could beat Oklahoma now?

    You probably could beat Georgia since they have performed terrible this year.

    Just win your bowl game and be happy. Seriously.

  8. Schedules are made up far in advance so your belief that teams are afraid of Boise State is completely inaccurate. If Boise State actually played highly ranked teams they would most likely not be undefeated, if they played teams like Alabama, USC, Texas, Georgia, Ohio State or Oklahoma, they would not have a winning record. Winning a big game every few years not constitute a bowl caliber team. They do need to play these teams consistently to get the exposure, but they also need to win them. Another drawback for Boise is the fact that if these teams do schedule them and lose it damages their BCS ranking, and if they win they are accused of a weak schedule.

  9. The Boise State situation is one that many other Mountain West and WAC teams have faced over the years, even before those insane asylum escapees invented the BCS system.

    Those teams aren’t scheduled by the established powers for several reasons. First is money. The powers can schedule a non-conference home game with a much lessor team and sell out. If you look at the schedules, some teams have 7, 8, or even 9 home games.

    If they do schedule a WAC or Mountain West team, it’s rarely a home-away 2 game commitment. It’s usually a long way to travel and their share of the money is much less than another home game. Why schedule a team that might beat you when there are so many patsy teams that will be happy to come play you.

    As long as the polls are still used to rank teams for possible championship game appearances, the power teams are reluctant to schedule teams like Boise State. One loss can ruin the whole season, and they seldom have anything to gain by playing them.

    So, it’s a vicious cycle. The teams can’t get respect because they don’t play power teams, and the power teams don’t want to play them.

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