can someone check out this website for me ?

Question by Amanda T: can someone check out this website for me ?

im on this website and im very confused. im trying to find where the “shopping cart” is but i cant find it. i cant even find whether or not it is in america..can you help me by looking at it to see if you can find this stuff ?

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Answer by suburbiab0mb
you have to use the order form.
and i would think that if its a “cn” instead of a “com” it would be based in canada or something..

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  1. There is an “order form” in the left hand blue column of that page. I would assume that’s where you would place your order.

  2. They do not have online order system. You have to fill out their form and send by email. Click on the left side of screen on “Order Form.” The company has canadian domain in its url so it might be from canada.

    My strongly sugested advice. Do not give your credit card or bank account number on order form!

  3. This company is in China and seems to be a wholeseller. There’s an order form in the blue corner. You can also see the flow chart on how to order their merchandise. See

    cn is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the People’s Republic of China. See explanation on

    I think it is safe to do business with this company, so I’m keeping the address for future use.

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