Free shopping cart that uses email?

Question by usfixiate: Free shopping cart that uses email?
I am designing my own website, and I would like a “Shopping Cart” on it, but all of them (Zen, Cube, etc) are too difficult to set up and you always end up having to pay for something (i.e. processing orders). Is there a way to have a shopping cart on your website, but when the customer clicks “submit” it just sends an email of the order to me? Would I have to write a script for it?
Paypal’s cart looks pretty good! Thanks for the answers!

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Answer by Nick P
If you don’t need to accept online payments from shoppers, you could simply create an HTML form, and on submit, the page sends the information to you in an email. If you need to, you can find more information about how to create this by Googling “send HTML form by email.” I liked the description on this site:

If you want to accept online payments, you’ll need to go through a service that provides you with a “merchant account” to be able to process echecks, credit cards, etc. Because this involves a service, it will cost money. There are several options here. I’d recommend checking out Google Checkout, Paypal, and other similar sites for fairly simple to use, easy to integrate shopping cart applications.

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  1. If you just want something for orders then you may find something; however, don’t expect someone to pay via credit card or banking account number. Email is not secure at all, and it is your responsibility as a merchant to protect your customers information. Like the previous person said there are many email forms that can be customized, but you shouldn’t request any payment methods this way.

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