Google Algorithm & Design, Twitter SEO & AdWords/AdSense & Mother’s Day Logos – Webmasters and SEOs continue to debate on the reasons behind the “May Day” Google update, is it a self-improving algorithm or something else? Google’s new design caused some discussion around less traffic referrals. Also some searchers hate it and want the old design back, so Google pleads with searchers to try out the new design longer. Google Squared now powers short answers and a new feature named something different. Some are saying that Google’s links reports are way more robust now. Twitter may help your site get indexed by Google. Link building now requires relationship building. AdWords tests a new broad match modifier in the UK and Canada. AdSense is testing “above the fold” ads. An AdSense account was hacked and ended up costing him about $25000. A wedding invitation had the wrong address, so the groom asked Google Maps to help. Finally, it was Mother’s Day and we have all the logos. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Topic Details: Google’s Testing A Self-Improving Ranking Algorithm? (MayDay) : Poll: Google’s New Design Sending Less Traffic To Your Site? : Google Pleading With Searchers To Stay After Redesign : Want The Old Google Design? Here Is How. Google’s New “Short Answers” Are Not “New” : Google’s Link Reports Recently More Robust? : Can Twitter Alone Help A New Site Get Indexed? : www

7 Comments on “Google Algorithm & Design, Twitter SEO & AdWords/AdSense & Mother’s Day Logos

  1. Can someone pelase explain to me what Algorithm is… and how is it related to google, how to companies use it, aswell as in-bound links, would really appreciate it

  2. its guys like this who spend years anylising google yet ask them to create a successful website and they cant hahahahaha

  3. mate you lost me lol…help me with a quick ,free ,and easy way to make more visible my site (p.s. im NOT a pc guy )

  4. one of the best webcasts for a while, a few more shots of the screen could be useful as when you are talking about the Zebra…

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