Has anyone used “Homestead” to build a business website?

Question by Faithful: Has anyone used “Homestead” to build a business website?
I was wondering how easy it is to build and how good is their hosting? Would you recomend it for an internet business that requres a “shopping cart” for about 80 different products?

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Answer by haddassa222
It is a waste of time. I built one there – but search engines never found it. You are better using www.bravenet.com or even GooglePage.

Most of the free web hosting pages are ‘closed’ to search engins like Google except Facebook and myspace.

As for a shopping cart, if you are going to do it ‘free’ then you have no choice but to use Paypal.com – any other merchant account business costs 0 to set up, plus a monthy fee, plus a portion of the sale …usually 2.5 – 5%.

Then you have to pay the shopping cart programmers to keep it working, because they are always corrupting (even the expensive ones.)

You might want to try ProStores.com which is linked to ebay and is a ‘ready made’ store that is really cheap, about a month.

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  1. I have not used Homestead. However, I have looked at their site and their video. The sites look great. The problem lies in getting traffic to your site. If are new to web design, I suggest that you find a better fit. There are hosts that will assist you in building your content right so that you can get the traffic naturally from the search engines. With out finding a solution to getting traffic, It won’t matter how good the site looks. I suggest that you take a look at several more hosts. Keep in mind what you expect to get out of your site and how you will get the assistance to meet your needs. I use a great web host that you can use as an option or an example in your search. http://www.tobuildyour.com

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