Have Hawaii and Boise State proven the need for a playoff?

trexx97 asked:

Last year Boise State won against a Big 12 team, and this year Hawaii is sure to get screwed out of a title spot despite going perfect on the year. Isnt it time we drop the BS system and impliment a system that works for every other level of college football, not to mention almost every other sport on the planet?

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6 Comments on “Have Hawaii and Boise State proven the need for a playoff?

  1. I don’t think this game proved it. The WAC dosen’t even have a BCS bid.

    If Hawaii goes toa BCS game AND wins, then yes, play off talk should be brought up.

    But it won’t happen. Colleges make too much money from bowl games, plus the towns games are held in make cash from people coming in and staying. It’s capitalism. And a undeafeted WAC team can’t overcome that.

  2. I would like to see a playoff happen, but there are some drawbacks to those playoffs in the lower levels as well.

    1. You’d have to have SOMEONE pick at large teams. How would you do that? The BCS? A group of former coaches/players? Media?

    2. In some of the lower levels, not ALL teams are eligible to compete for the title. You have many leagues in the lower levels that refuse to send reps to the playoffs (SWAC, Ivy League two promient ex. in the 1 AA).

    Hawaii deserves a shot, but they’ll probably end up being this year’s Boise State or Tulane…..

  3. It will all work out. Washington will take care of Hawaii next week and they’ll have no claim at all. But seriously, I agree with a playoff system. Every team in the top 16 deserves an equal shot. But I don’t think Hawaii or BSU could take the crown. BSU beat Okie fair and square last year but trickery won’t win you a championship.

  4. I don’t think Hawaii or Boise St. would be a big draw in any of the BCS games. Who would want to see a Missouri- Hawaii game? I think an undefeated Auburn team a few years back showed the need for a playoff.

  5. i dont think Hawaii or Boise has proven that we need a playoff system i think college football this year has proven we need a playoff system.

    but how can there be one in college football?

    first theres too many teams to choose from. this isnt basketball where 64 teams compete. its a contact sport which you’re gonna need a weeks rest between games.

    second the schools and cities make tons of money from all those bowl games. you think school presidents will give that up.

    we cant pick team slots based on records. the level of competition isnt the same. is a 10-1 WAC team gonna beat out a 9-2 SEC team?

    just like Time Warner will get the NFL network. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!

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