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  1. Remember, it’s really worth spending time to improve the quality your website, rather than listen to some smart geeks and use unethical means to inflate the site’s short-term popularity. Anyone can do it, what makes us different is our commitment and right understanding of your business goals apart from Top SEO & PR Objectives. Successful SEO reqires a holistic approach with special focus on:

    1. Your Keywords: Selecting your keywords, Prioritize your keywords

    2. Domain name / Filename: Domain Registration, Keyword in domain name, Keyword in filename, Length of Website Address

    3. Keyword Placement: Keyword in title tag, Keyword in Description Meta-tag, Keyword in Keyword Meta-tag, Keyword in Content H1, H2 and H3, Keyword Font Styles

    4. Linking Strategy: Never use unethical means! 4.1 Internal Links: Keyword in links to internal site pages, Valid internal links, Efficient linking

    4.2 External / Outgoing Links: Quality Links, Inspecting your Links, Title and Description, Limit number of links on a page

    4.3 Incoming Links (backlinks): Quality of Referrer, Trend of link popularity, Anchor Text, Age of Link, Number of Outgoing Links on Referrer Page, Position of Link, Trusted Websites, JavaScript/Flash Links

    5. On-Page Factors – Home Page: Over optimization penalty (OOP), Getting Reported, File Size, Freshness of Pages, Frequency of Updates Site Age, Dynamic Pages, Texts inside Images, Excess JavaScript, Inline Frames and Frames, Hidden links / texts, Cloaking, Duplicate content, Understandable Content

    6. Off-Page Factors: Traffic Buying / Link Schemes, A minimum of one backlink, Buying Links, Server IP Address, Links from bad websites Server Reliability and Uptime

    7. User Activity: Search Engine Traffic, Click through Rate (CTR), Time spent on page, Monitoring Bookmarks, Leaving the Website – also refer

    8. Gathering Links, Collecting Links, Unique Content, Articles, Press Release, Forums / Guest books / Blogs, Sponsoring Directories, Link Exchange and much more.

  2. Build inbound links to your website.
    Most of the directories online charge a one time fee to review your site and add it to their index. Here are three of my favorites:
    The more inbound links to your site, the better you will rank
    with Yahoo / Google / MSN.

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