How do I set up a “shopping cart” on my website?

Question by Art-tastic123: How do I set up a “shopping cart” on my website?
I am terrible at all of this, but how do I set up buttons for my products that say “add to cart” and then have a “shopping cart” link to checkout?


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Answer by R
Complicated question. Do you already have a mechanism set up on your website that can securely manage customers’ credit card and payment information? If you don’t, this is not something you want to try programming yourself. There are so many security issues involved with money transactions online that you’d be better off trying a third-party company to handle your sales. My first recommendation would be using PayPal. (I’m not sure what kind of products you’re selling, but another option is to have pictures of products on your website link to an eBay store or Etsy store, where customers can purchase and put the items in a cart) If you choose to use Paypal, their help section and tech support can help you set up buttons for your products.

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  1. Usually shopping cart software will include features to build out your own store, so not just the shopping cart itself, although you can have that built custom to any site. I use a completely hosted solution and they have a free plan:

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