2 Comments on “How do I start a “Niche Website” that will eventually make $1 per day with little maintenance?

  1. You should buy some plants(real) for your fish like lily pads, so she can have a place to put the eggs. I’d recommend asking the people in the fish department in petco, even though they probably don’t know much about fish.

    By the way if you feed it mroe than three times a day, you could be overfeeding it

  2. Well, there is a short answer to that, I guess. Google ad words has a keyword tool that shows how many times certain phrases are searched in a month, so you can see what people are looking for. There are affiliate programs (you have to do your research on rules and regulations on this one though) that pay a commission for products ready to be sold. It all starts with a website with creativity and some legwork as well. I have a website called, http://www.switchtarget.com that has video tutorials on how to set up a website and sell a product. The program has been working ok for me but it does take some work. Nothing is free. I have to warn you on one thing, there are some free programs, budget programs and VERY expensive programs. The budget one I use is $10 but I have seen them range from 500 to 5-6K. Be careful on promises of “you will make money!” Hope this helps!!!

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