How is each colleges I.T. Program?

Concern by uber_elf: How is each colleges I.T. Program?
I am not certain how schools measure up I.T. plans but at the moment I am enrolled in almost everything I can be enrolled in at my high college. I get my A+ cert in a month, have an internship…and all that jazz

Just pondering what each and every universities programs are like. And if it matters ( not positive if it does or not) I am hunting in direction of the A+ or net layout aspect. Not programming!

I am a junior in substantial school and searching into these colleges so any added data will truly help! Also any data on when i need to start off applying or generating journeys to see these colleges would also be really appreciated!

Boise State College
College of Oregon
University of Utah

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Reply by Tahuti Reincarnate
College of Oregon has a great deal of excellent plans, so If I had to guess (not realizing the details of every section or professors there) I’d assume UO is the very best of people three. (It’s definitely the most significant, with the most significant endowment of the 3)

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