A local Game Store was looking for a website and I offered them one. I spent about 20+ hours on it (3 days) designing some graphics, logo’s, pages, ect. There is a working forums and an interactive FAQ page. I have designed the background image and other images. I will also take pictures of this local game store and display them on the site to make it nice. (Ex: The Game/LAN Room page would display a image of the actual LAN Room from the store, etc.)

The owner of the game store(and manager) has asked me for a price to:

– Give them the website.
– Transfer all the data to their host to the current one(using FTP, MySQL, etc.)

They also asked me a maintenance fee to keep updating the site with logo’s, banners, background, pages, etc weekly or monthly.

So basically, my hard work(20+ hours of using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. making this site) to be given to them. I’ll transfer all the data on their host and keep updating their site weekly/monthly.

I do really want to take this opportunity to work with this Game store and they were extremely amazed by the website and they really want it.

So please tell me a price and maintenance fee. Thank you!
You can preview the site here at:
Or visit it at: http://tpimovies.com/mygamersworld/ (The site is usually down because of the cheap hosting, but will be later transferred to another one once sold)
To be honest, I really have no idea. The manager told me that another person had offered hundreds of even thousands for a website. I don’t want to be over exaggerated with the pricing and make myself look like a fool. I REALLY do need the money. Not that I am greedy or anything but it would really help me pay for my phone, car, etc. and I’m still a student at high school. So things are a bit hard for me. I know more than a hundred? But like I said… I have no idea..

3 thoughts on “How much should I sell this website? And how about a maintenance fee?

  1. StonedGorilla says:

    This is easily answered with another question: how much do you consider your time to be worth?

  2. I make websites as my side job.
    You have to decide if you want a fixed rate or a variable one.

    I do minor updates + a hour of support/maintenance + hosting + updates $300/year
    I then charge additional fees for additional time i.e > 1 hr

    I never work for less than $25/hr for no set minimum hours.
    2 hours/mth – $40
    3 hours/mth – $55
    4 hours/mth – $70
    5 hours/mth – $80
    6 hours/mth – $90

    For the website, It depends on what you’ve done. I understand you’re using dream weaver which means you’re site is less valuable, because they can do less and wysiwyg webdesigners produce bloat.

    Does the site have a back end? If it does they shouldn’t require a huge amount of maintenance and you can set a much higher initial fee.
    Also do you know if you’re site is XHTML 1.0 Strict this adds additional price.

    I’d say at least $1000 for the initial fee of the site but not more than $2000.

  3. For a site that looks that good I wouldn’t sell if for less than a grand good job on it. However if you looked at doing they site at $25/hr * 20 hrs you would be talking $500 which I think is on the cheap side. Are you going to be taking care of all the hosting/domain issues as well? I would say at least $300 a year for maintenance and then allocate that out to one hour a month on maintenance if they want more done than that then do what damo2233 says for maintenance fees. You could always negotiate with them starting at a grand then see where it goes

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