How to Find the Best Web Font Services

Some of the most popular web font services available to web designers are Google Fonts, FontDeck,, and TypeKit. Finding the best web font service for you, whether it be one of the aforementioned services or others boils down to your specific needs. Below we will look at a snapshot of some of the features available with each service. This quick overview will help you compare and contrast each service to help you find the best web font service for you.

Google Fonts Features

First we will look at Google Fonts. Fonts are supported in most browsers with the exception of Blackberry. Some common browsers that support Google Fonts are Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Android. Google Fonts has around 500 font families (not as many as its competitors but for most the available font families are sufficient) available. The web font service is free to try, has OTF features, and has no subsets. The font tool available is Font Previewer. Languages included are Latin, WGL, and Khmer.

FontDeck Web Font Services Available

FontDeck is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Android, Opera and most other internet browsers. This web font service includes 900 font families, has no graded accounts, and comes with Font-Size-Adjust Calculator and Body Text Tester. Languages available with FontDeck include WGL, Hebrew, Arabic, and Armenic. There are no subsets. OTF features are available and the service comes with a free trial offer.

Features Available from Fonts.Com is a web fonts service that boasts 1,000 font families and is supported by most major web browsers excluding Blackberry. This service supports CSS and JavaScript as embedding methods. The languages available include Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and Thai. has OTF features, subsets, SSL and uses Web Fonts Preview, Web Fonts Extension for PSD, and FontGazer.

TypeKit Web Font Services Specs

TypeKit is supported by Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Android, and most all other browsers including Blackberry. Roughly 700 font families are available with this web font service and the font tools included are Type Tester and Browser Samples. TypeKit comes with a free trial offer and offers standard, professional, personal, and enterprise solution hosting services.

All of the aforementioned web font services use Google WebFont Loader and many boast common features. What many will want to focus on when deciding which service is best for them is cost, number of browsers supported, languages offered, and which embedding method is used with each service. For some the languages offered with the font service are most important but for others it is not an issue. Be sure to research before buying to ensure you receive the best web font service for your specific needs.


This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate as a writer.

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