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snuggles24_04 asked:

I need to know the easiest and cheapest way to get me, my listings, and a bunch of links up there…Please help!

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6 thoughts on “I need to make a presence on the web with my Real Estate web design experience?

  1. hesterthehester says:

    Desing a site on paper, the way you want it. get specific.. The contact a php/MySQL developer and ask them to implement it.. It should have a couple hours work..


  2. Start simple.
    Create a free web page with Yahoo geocities.
    It will run you through step by step to add pictures and text and how to arrange them on the page.
    No programming knowledge needed.

  3. I’d have to agree with bws_99–If you don’t have a domain already, starting with something like Yahoo! Geocities (or Tripod, or Angelfire, etc…)would be a great way to go. The Page Builder software is nearly foolproof; it works like a word processor. Once you have gotten some basics up, and business starts rolling in, you should consider getting your own domain, for a more ‘professional’ look. The upgrade from Geocities to Yahoo hosting is easy, and you still are able to use the tools you are used to.

    Hope this helps!

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