Idaho Health Insurance Facts

If you receive Idaho health insurance under a group plan, nondiscrimination says that your coverage cannot be denied or limited because of your health status. Additionally, if you are purchasing Idaho health insurance for a small group, the guaranteed issue says that coverage cannot be denied or limited because of the group’s health status.

If you apply for individual Idaho health insurance and are turned down because of your health status, you may be eligible for coverage under Idaho’s Individual High Risk Reinsurance Pool (HRP).

Your Idaho health insurance is somewhat dependent on your health status, but there are practices in place to help you maintain Idaho health insurance.

Your benefits will depend on what kind of Idaho health insurance you purchase, or what your agent will cover. However, there are some benefits mandated by the State of Idaho, such as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. For more on mandated benefits, contact the Idaho Department of Insurance at (800)721-3272.

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