If Boise State goes undefeated will they get more or less respect from the BCS then last year?

Mike C asked:

Well Boise State finished the most memorable season in their school history and played in one of the most talked about college football games of all time. If Boise State goes undefeated this year as they did last year will they get as much respect from the BCS this year, because of what happened last year? And what do you think Ian Johnson’s chances are of an heisman?

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6 Comments on “If Boise State goes undefeated will they get more or less respect from the BCS then last year?

  1. no more than they got last year. They will be good to go to the BCS bowl because they have to. Unless they play in the major confrences they are not going to get the respect. Ian Johnson’s chances are none, the wac doesnt have good tv deal for him to be seen. Sorry, not a knock on the program, hopefully they can be “promoted” to a major conference in the forseeable future. I like that they knocked off OU in the Fiesta, I am a Texas fan and it was like Texas won another bowl game.

  2. u have this basketball…….but if they fo undefeated this year they will get more respect than last year…..

  3. Heisman? no way. That game was the shit tho. it was like watching high school game at top level football. i hope they get more respect but i would doubt it they just keep saying they dont play anybody good enough

  4. The Boise State story is a great one, but as far as respect goes, that’s not going to come from the biased-east coast media(i.e. ESPN) until they begin scheduling some of the big boys during the regular season, and then beat them. They can start by playing the pac-10 heavyweights like USC, Cal, Oregon, & UCLA a home & home, then maybe throw in a Nebraska, Texas, or an SEC power. sad to say, but that’s the only way for them to get the respect they deserve.

    Johnson’s Heisman chances? not good i’m afraid. (again, most of the voters are in the East/South,) & given the time zone difference, it is going to be difficult.

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