Is any one doing website promotion specialist?

website promotion
earthcat asked:

I was on horoscopes for career and finance. A ad was on page for wps training . [email protected]
Promoted this. I went to the site for the school career training institute. As it goes along it turns into the site that wants money is Is this for real?

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  1. Sorry to say, but when I did a search on them, a couple of articles popped up.

    It does not appear to be legitimate. If you have any questions about any other training schools, PLEASE post a question for reviews. Do not send money to anyone unless you are sure of who they are…Just because they have a nice website does not mean that they are a real business. If you want a list of some good online training schools, just leave a message here in this question and I would be glad to help you out. I would just need you to tell me exactly what you are looking to learn so I can find the best for you….cheers

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