Is anyone with a background in home, auto, or marine maintenance interested in writing for website?

In early 2007 I will be launching a website in the US devoted to products and services related to home auto and marine industries. The primary area of interest will be focused on the protection of property as well as how to prevent damage to ones property. I am looking for professionals who would be willing to contribute solutions for this website and in return would receive credit on the website for their contribution. This website will be nationally launched and will have a projected 5,000 visits a day. If you have a background in Construction, Plumbing, Contracting, Building, Mechanics, Boat or Auto Maintenance, or just an enthusiast in any of these areas or related areas then please contact me to hear more details.
To clear up an misconceptions, this would be writing a short article every now and then on a subject that interests you, by no means would this be very time consuming!
Hi Luke_J,
I have tried to email you a few times but I keep receiving a message that says your email has not been confirmed. Please contact me so I can pass on more information to you!

8 Comments on “Is anyone with a background in home, auto, or marine maintenance interested in writing for website?

  1. sure I was a contractor for a number of years…too many…
    and my other interest is RVing

    One thing that you may find helpful is I’ve done a few white papers on “Zero Energy” homes
    but I’m semi retired not looking full a full time gig.

  2. My time and knowledge is worth quite a bit more than a mere mention of my name. I do this for “fun” and at my own rate—-if it turns into a “job”–then I would require some “moola” for my talents. Have a nice launch———–.

  3. sure, why not? I’ve been in the construction / remodeling trade for about 15 yrs now and would like to be able to share a few of the things I’ve learned. Email me about the details

  4. Sounds like fun, and a good chance to give back to the “community”. Count me in. I am a hvac guy that has built/remodeled houses, had an automotive garage and I enjoy hunting/fishing and motorcycling.

    [email protected]

  5. Cassie, I would be proud to offer my services for the Home remodeling/ construction portion of your website. My Massachusetts construction supervisor license expired in 2000, only because I was building for Alaska State Parks and did not receive the renewal (I can verify all of this). I am the local swami for all things house related and enjoy writing very much. I am 40 years old and have recently entered college with a 4.0 GPA after 2 semesters. Send me some test questions and I’ll send you back something interesting…. [email protected]

  6. I am in Mid-Michigan and may have some interest in this; my background is in carpentry/cabinetmaking and repair and I am a licensed builder. I do have knowledge and have done electrical and plumbing work as well as siding, roofing, etc. You may contact me at [email protected].

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