2 Comments on “Is social bookmarking effective in website promotion?

  1. I say no. Many people would think it to be spam and not pay any attention to it. You could also get banned from the site for too much spamming. Social bookmarking sites are for socializing, of course.

    When promoting something you would want to reach audiences that are interested in the topic you are promoting. For example, if your website is about dogs, you will have a much better rate of success if you have an audience that you know, in fact, likes dogs. How do you do this? The best most effective way is to search for forums with topics that evolve around the same topic as your website. So, you would want to find a forum that is all about dogs. Since you know people would already be interested in you website you will have many more hits than a social bookmarking site.

    Now, you just don’t want to go around to a whole bunch of forums about dogs and drop links to your site. You actually want to participate in the discussions or people will think you’re being a spammer, too. Because you have a website about the topic, and are interested in the topic yourself, this should not be hard for you to do. Add a link to your site as a part of your “signature” at the bottom of every post you make on those forums. One you get established, you can think about starting a discussion about it.

    Edit: For those who say that social bookmarking optimizes your SEO (search engine optimization), it is incorrect. Social bookmarking sites (also called dump sites) such as Digg, Stumbled Upon or Delicious are ignored by search engines — submitting links could even hurt your page ranking. These sites are so full of spam. Even if you have a legit site, you’re going to get buried under all the spam — no one will ever see your site. The overload of spam is the reason search engines ignore these sites when it calculates a webpage’s ranking.

  2. yeah social bookmarking is one of important part of SEO,
    but be careful while doing bookmarking,
    if you did it more then may be site will count it as Spam,

    for more information,

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