Is there a website that lists how long different vehicle parts will last & when maintenance needs to be done?

I kept calling my car new but it is a year and a half old now. I think I need new windsheild wipers and some one told me my tires looked worn. Should they need replacing this soon? I need to know how often things should be replaced. Also, I do get my oil changed every 3 months but they always tell me other things that need to be done. I don’t know if they are taking advantage of me or if it really needs to be fixed. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Wipers need to be replaced for sure. How many miles does it have? Tires should last more than 18 months assuming 1,000 miles per month (18,000 miles at this point). What other things are they telling you need to be replaced? I would expect air filter but not much else.

    Your owners manual has a page that shows maintenance intervals for your car. Make sure you follow it. Also make sure to rotate your tires. If there are any recommended repairs, get a second opinion and then check with the dealer. The car must still be under warranty and the repars may be covered.

  2. **I live in the UK, so I don’t know if the climate is the same where you are**

    Windsheild wipers should be replaced every year regardless. Buy a tyre tread gauge and check the depth of tread against the legal limits- you’ll soon know if they need replacing.

    Having the oil changed every 3 months will work wonders for your engine, but it is a little over-the-top – every six months should be fine.

    If you are worried about repair shops making stuff up to charge you, have you tried taking it elsewhere and comparing what they all say?

    Basically for any car (irrespective of mileage) change:
    oil+filter every six months
    fanbelts, air filter and fuel filter every year
    all other fliuds and plugs every two years

    For more info try (again, a UK website but should still help) or the relevant repair manual for your car.

    Good luck whatever happens.

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