3 Comments on “Know any good link building tools I can use to build traffic for travel review site?

  1. If you are serious about your site you will need to build quality links into your site, automated link directories just attract poor quality sites. Consider using social bookmarking websites and take the time to create an article (with your link included) about travel maybe twice a month then submit it to an article directory, I get loads of traffic from stumble upon as well thats worth a look, Facebook pages are a viral way of promotion….
    These are SOME of the ways you can promote your site, traffic don’t find you, you gotta get it my friend.

  2. We’re inviting a mix of SEO individuals and agencies to test our service for link building.

    Several large companies such as Reuters and Conde Net are using the service, but we wanted to get direct feedback from SEOs across agencies and individuals.

    We crawl over 25 billion pages and can find similar and matching content. You can then request links these sites through our system which also verifies the conversion.

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  3. This is a very easy answer. In order to do link exchanges, you want to find QUALITY people to exchange with. Not just someone who will put your link in a big link farm and give you no benefit whatsoever. The follow place weeds out all of the poor performing sites and only gives you the sites you would ACTUALLY want to link to. It’s worth checking out.

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