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    Link building allows you to get more links. And more links have two effects:

    – you get traffic from people visiting the site linking to you
    – search engines think that the more sites linking to you, the more relevant and authoritative you are. Hence search engines put you higher in the rankings

    Remember however that link building is about QUALITY of links inasmuch as quantity. Washington Post linking to you is worth more than 100 low quality sites linking to you.

    To get links, here are some tips:

    1 – Content, content and content. The more original, witty, informative, entertaining your content, the more sites likely to want to link to you

    2 – Submit to social bookmarks such as Digg and del.i.cious and Stumbleupon

    3 – Make it easy for your users to share your pages using viral marketing tools such as Addthis

    4 – Issue press releases

    5 – Contact editors of publications and webmasters requesting for links

    6 – Create a useful product that others will share and freely link to such as widget, tool, ebook

  2. The most important factor that people build backlinks is to rank higher on SERP. Ranking higher on Search Engine will bring a massive traffic to your site/blog for sure 🙂


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  4. ya it’s defiantly true that you must need link building to get more traffic.i have personally experienced.

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  5. Yes it works, but only from good sites with a high page rank.
    If your site has to do with entrepreneurship, you can donate a good free idea to (a free ideas website), and leave your URL of your site there.

    But remember, Google aren’t dumb, they know that companies are just spreading links allover. Make sure your links are relevant to the subject of the page coming from, and that you don’t use the same exact text with all your links.
    Hang in their, it takes a few months to do a serious job.

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