Optimizing and Maintenance Software and Website Design?

I could really use some info. I will very much value all ur advice cause of ur expertise.

For one, I use some internet boosting software from a company named “Ascentive” and the product name is “ActiveSpeed.” Are u familiar with this co.? I was intro. to it via email by “SalesGenie.” Will u let me know what u think of it?

I also would like to know if u have knowledge of good speed boosting software. I would love to have one or more websites if u could provide some. I would like to get a package deal that had software for memory performance, spyware sweeping, system registry repair, or any other maintenance and repair operations. Basically, an all in one type of software, but I will be happy with individual software just as long as I get something that will handle ALL the maintenence and repair that can possibly be done.

Lastly, I need a reliable co. to redirect traffic to my own website. Any suggestions for a good company so I wont waste my money?

Thanks So, So Much

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