Q&A: Anyone see ESPN’s ridiculous “Greatest Highlight” results?

Question by Stevie B: Anyone see ESPN’s ridiculous “Greatest Highlight” results?
For a network that is based on highlights, I thought it quite humorous that their own little contest nearly bit them in the backside. For those who didn’t follow it, the final 2 highlights were Mike Eruzione’s goal against the Soviets in 1980 and the Boise State “Statue of Liberty” play from LAST YEAR!

Are you kidding me? All the classic, legendary milestones that we have witnessed over the years (like Eruzione’s goal) and one of the 2 finalists is a year-old highlight from a meaningless college football game? It would have served ESPN right if that play had won the contest. Shame on them for even putting it in as an option. Any thoughts?
Spyderman – Now that’s what I’m talking about! Glad to see I touched a nerve. ESPN is to blame for even making that highlight one of the original choices.

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Answer by danielao
That Boise State play was definitely one of the more memorable highlights from the past few years. People tend do vote for things they remember, so it’s still very fresh in peoples minds.

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  1. You can’t blame the network if people voted for it. I thought it was ridiculous when I saw that had made the final two…but I blame ignorant fans that have no respect for what makes a “great” highlight.

  2. I have to agree with the previous 2. The fans voted on it and I believe they vote for the wrong reasons. Example: Anyone that is an archrival of the Steelers, lets say the Browns or Bengals or especially the Raiders, are going to vote against The Immaculate Reception as being the greatest highlight. Plus the final 2 were “feelgood” moments for just about everyone except the Russians and Sooner fans. I saw the final 2 this morning and thought to myself “man, what a load of crap”. If I were ESPN, I think I’d feel a little awkward with the final 2. They defininely are not the 2 greatest highlights of all time.

  3. I think you are exactly right…I mean are you kidding me with actually thinking that a trick play called the Statue of Liberty could be the greatest highlight of all time. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very nice, risky play for Boise State. But come on. Does it beat MJ’s shot over Ehlo, MJ’s switch hands in the air layup, MJ’s “final” shot against Utah in the NBA Finals, MJ’s free throw line dunk, Dr. J’s cup windmill dunk, Willie Mays over the shoulder catch, Babe Ruth calling his shot, The Immaculate Reception, The Catch, Kirk Gibson’s fist pumping home run, Hank Aaron’s HR breaking Ruth’s record when he’s rounding the bases and fans run out on the field, Tiger’s chip on number 16 at Augusta when the Nike ball hung on the lip then fell in, Jack Nicklaus’ “Yes Sir” putt at the ’86 Masters, Doug Flutie’s last second hail mary, John Elway’s helicopter flip in the Super Bowl, The Play between California and Stanford when the band ran on the field, heck even David Tyree’s Super Bowl catch this year beats that trick play. I mean seriously ESPN, I know people voted on it, but take some control over it. It would have been really sad if ESPN put it’s name to that play as being the greatest highlight of all time.

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