Q&A: help with cookies and online shopping?

Question by yooWHATDAfluck!: help with cookies and online shopping?
ok im on laptopbatteris.com and i get this everytime i try to buy

Note: LaptopBatteries.com requires the use of COOKIES for placing orders through this website. If you do not have cookies properly enabled, you may receive “empty shopping cart” messages.

wat does this mean/./how do i fix it??????????????????????????????? plz help

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Answer by jason
i think u srewed up ur cookie

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  1. Go to the perference or property of your Browser (Edit or tools in the manual bar) and then enable cookies.

    If there is a choice, choose “allow cookies from direct site”. This can provide some protection if any site compromise your browser.

    It is very important to have a good browser, firefox 3, IE7, Opera etc.

  2. The site uses cookies to track your selections that you put into the shopping cart. On Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options > Security > select Medium security.

    While in there, select Privacy and click the Advanced button. Check the box next to “Override automatic cookie handling” and then check the box next to “Accept” under “First-party Cookies”. Select “Accept” under “Third-party Cookies”. Also check “Always allow session cookies”.

    Click Ok until you get back to the main window and click the General tab. Now click the “Delete” button under “Browsing history” and “Delete files” next to “Temporary Internet files”.

    Firefox has similar settings, but much easier to navigate to see them.

    What you did what set the browser to accept cookies. You then cleared your cache. Now refresh the page you are on to start with a clean slate and the message should disappear.

    Hope that helps.

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