Q&A: Help with designing a business website?

Question by kavicarter: Help with designing a business website?
I’m building a business website for a fashion store. My questions is, does anyone know any websites that outline the process? For instance, how to add a “shopping cart” feature, essential features needed for a business website, etc? I’m at an above average level with HTML code. However, I’ve never developed a fully functioning business website and would definitely find it easier to follow some sort of structure or guideline. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Answer by 100000011
You business should mean a lot to you for it to be a success. And the website? Well for it to be a success it needs to be secure, good looking, and easy to use. These are the 3 main features. As for the shopping cart, I do not think that your abilities with HTML are going to help you very much, no matter how sophisticated. If you would like some help just PM me on Yahoo Messenger and we can discuss it. Oh by the way you might want hosting. I offer unbeatable deals for businesses. rla_no_me_assassin <<< PM me.

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